Professor Dimitri P. Mikhailidis has received the first ILEP Honorary Membership Award

We are so happy to announce that Professor Dimitri P. Mikhailidis from the UCL has received the first ILEP Honorary Membership Award. Thank you to all of you for the unanimous support of this award to Professor Mikhailidis. 

And it is not only related to the fact that prof. Mikhailidis was a co-founder of the ILEP, he is a mentor of few generations of physicians and researchers in the field of preventive cardiology, atherosclerosis and lipidology, including me and many our joint colleagues, but first of all he is a world recognized expert, highly cited scientist, that has been changing and developing this area, making it more practical and easy to understood.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to kindly invite you for the proposal/nominations for the ILEP Honorary Membership Award in 2023. Please remember that based on our policy the nominee does not need to be a member of ILEP, but it should be recognized expert in the field, that has made a great achievement (not only scientific but also people-related) in the field of lipids disorders and atherosclerosis, with the especial emphasis in supporting and research-improving in the CEE and other underrepresented regions. 

Please send me your nominations via e-mail by the end of November 2023. 

Thank you!

Best regards 

Maciej Banach



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